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Personal Safety Board / Antibullying

Personal Safety Board / Antibullying

Bullying is not tolerated in Coláiste na Ríochta. The Personal Safety Board deals with all bullying complaints within the school and has clear procedures and sanctions .

Our School has a clear Anti–bullying Policy and programme, which seeks to prevent all forms of bullying in the School. In April 2018, our school was awarded the Antibullying shield from the ISPCC for our effectiveness in dealing with and reducing incidents of bullying within the school community.

The Personal Safety Board is a team of teachers who investigate any complaints of bullying. It is made up of teachers who have volunteered to assist in this programme. Bullying is a continuous form of behaviour which is unacceptable in our School such as name calling, spreading rumours, hitting etc. The P.S.B. has a policy of “no blame just stop”. It is up to every student to take responsibility for their behaviour and how they treat their fellow pupils.

Procedures & Sanctions

  • If a student feels they are being bullied they must inform the School authorities.
  • Bullying is unacceptable whether verbal, physical or emotional.
  • If a bullying situation is witnessed or a complaint is made to any teacher, the teacher will then fill in a PSB Complaint Sheet.
  • A pupil can also tell a subject teacher, their Class Teacher or a member of the PSB Board.
  • If a pupil is uncomfortable telling a teacher, he/she can inform a member of the Student Council, who will pass on the complaint to the P.S.B.
  • Pupils can also place a note (which must be signed) into the PSB Complaint Box which is situated in the Reception Area. A member of the Board will check the Complaint Box daily
  • ​Pupils can also submit a complaint through a link on our website, that will will received directly by the PSB co-ordinator, Ms. Imelda O'Connor.
  • Following this, two members of the PSB will investigate the matter, meeting the individuals involved separately. This will be done in a confidential manner.
  • The PSB will ensure that something is done and will update the student who made the complaint.
  • There will be an investigation into the matter that should satisfy the PSB and the students, and if found to be true, sanctions will follow, these may include verbal, written, Detention, Suspension or Permanent Exclusion​.

Contact the Personal Safety Board

Upper Church Street, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland V31 WD34.
068 21023
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